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Winning Strategies In The Era Of Amazon And Big Box Retailing

Client Brazil Ceramic Tiles Experience (Brazil)
Date Oct 12, 2017
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Presentation at the 2017 Brazil Ceramic Tile Experience Conference in San Antonio, TX.

Amazon and other retail titans are posing ever growing challenges to manufactures, distributors and specialty retailers all over the world. Price cuts have been for years the panic button used by most to maintain relevance and ensure a future. All to the detriment of businesses that have found out the hard way that low prices mean loss of profitability and a threat to their survival. So, what else can be done to combat convenience, low price, never ending assortment of products which make up the offering of the amazons of the world? Or, to train consumers to look at us differently than just a showroom? A lot! Because what online businesses will never be able to fully realize is the personalized and exceptional experience that consumers are starting to rediscover and miss and that only specialty retail can deliver. And yes, that includes coming up with pricing strategies that resonate with consumers without  bankrupting your business. As well, it means embracing showrooming but learning the smart ways to capitalize on those customers’ visits. 

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