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Will We Ever “Party Like It's 1999” Again?

Client Coverings, Tile, Stone & Flooring
Date Mar 17, 2011
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Presentation at the 2011 Coverings Trade Show & Conference in Las Vegas, NV. 

A recap of the state of business and the tile and stone industry in particular; a review of the economic, political, demographic and other changes that are occurring around us and how they affect businesses; consumers’ product, service, and price obsessions and how to capitalize on them; telling a good story about one’s business are what this presentation is all about. The numbers are comforting after all. 'Home Remodeling Stands To Benefit From Consumer Confidence's Improvement' was the title of a recent report on the increase in spending on remodeling predicted to rise 9.2% in the first quarter of 2011 and 13% for April through June - the largest jump in five years. No wonder, Home Depot and Lowe's are rushing to hire more staff to cope with the new demand. However, hiring more people is not all it takes to make sure that you get your customers to shop with you again. Because, while it is true that human beings have short term memory and soon will have forgotten that playing it safe is better that spending like there's no tomorrow, their buying decisions and motivations have changed dramatically in recent years. And while this last recession has a lot to do with these shifts, there is a lot more that has been happening that can account for consumer shopping behaviors’ changes and if you know what they are, then it is a short distance for you to the consumer's heart and their wallet.

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