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Where Have Our Customers Gone And Will They Return

Client Furniture First
Date Sep 13, 2009
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A Presentation at Furniture First Retail Revolution 2009 Symposium in Las Vegas, NV.

The economy, what a rollercoaster! Yet, there are some positive signs and the most positive of all is this statistic: “More than one-third of small business owners say that the current economic environment is creating opportunities for their businesses.” (American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor Survey  - 2009).   It doesn’t matter whether you are small, mid size or a large corporation, you can only win if you understand that this is exactly the time to stand out. Easier said than done?This presentation is about companies and brands that actually have been shining when everyone else has been lamenting the state of the economy and all it took was for them to get up and run with their innovative ideas on how to be relevant at a time when expectations run high, yet pockets are not as deep. Because, if it is true that we have less disposable income or are less willing to use it extravagantly, we still want (and even need) a new TV stand, a new couch, a larger table and our homes will forever be our castles.

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