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Twelve Tactics That You Can Deploy To Capitalize On Consumer Trends

Client Stylexchange
Date May 20, 2009
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Presentation for Stylexchange in Montreal, QC, Canada.

You know about consumers' expectations and that they keep growing influenced but not hindered by any slumps in the economy.    Now, you need to learn how you can cater to them in novel ways. Because while business fundamentals have become more important than ever and your success is predicated upon your knowledge of best practices in merchandising, store operations, finance, HR, buying, etc., you still need to take it a step further to get your customer to pay attention to you not for a fleeting moment but always.   So, you do need to go back to the basics but with an eye to the future, understanding that the customer of today is not the customer of yesterday or the customer of tomorrow. The bar keeps going up and up.

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