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There Just May Be A Silver Bullet

Client National Retail Federation
Date Jan 12, 2010
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Presentation at the 2010 NRF Big Show in New York City (NYC).

With the economy weakened, corporate profits thinner than ever and sales numbers on a roller-coaster, you'd think that retailers would count every customer and make them count for them (i.e., treat them like royalty!), right? Wrong!   Most retailers still don't even know how many they are, let alone knowing how to serve them the best way possible. Yet, the technology to count every customer and make them count for you has been around for quite some time. Traffic counting is the 'silver bullet' and it can really make a difference to your business, particularly during this recovery. It is not just simple to use, it is economical (arguably the most economical technology investment out there), and the sales improvements you can achieve by deploying it to maximize your sales opportunities with each and every customer are astounding. Don't take my word for it. Learn from Eric Champagne at Liz Claiborne, Canada, how counting customer traffic has helped improve Liz Claiborne customer service levels and quality, store management and associates' motivation and dramatically increased customer satisfaction and sales.

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