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The New Rules Of Customer Engagement

Client Association of Golf Merchandisers
Date Jan 20, 2015
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Presentation at the 2015 AGM Retail Conference in Orlando, FL.

We start with a 30,000 foot view that looks at industry trends and in particular at housing market and home improvement spending projections; then we look at consumer spending behavior trends, retail sector restructuring, and the main customer pain points and what they mean to your business in terms of lost sales, profitability and loyalty. From there, we then delve into customer ‘must haves’ or, in other words how to deliver the right product/assortment, in the right place (which is no longer just your store but it is your website and your mobile platform), at the right time (NOW! which means fast deliveries too), with the right price/promotions (which does NOT mean the lowest price), and with the right service (which means competent, professional, and efficient from a highly motivated and engaged team). 

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