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The "Changed" State Of The Consumer

Client ASICS
Date Sep 29, 2009
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A Presentation sponsored by ASICS for The Super Runners Shop in NYC, NY.

The economy is a rollercoaster, one day is up, the next day is down and, as many like to say, consumers have been forever changed. Have they?   Yes and no, although consumers have gone down the hierarchy of needs (i.e., financial safety and security issues pushed them there), their memory has never been long term, and soon, as all this turmoil is forgotten, they will return to their old ways of spending. Plus, expectations have not changed at all. If anything, expectations have increased. Because there are companies out there who didn’t stop their march to higher levels of service excellence and with consumers casting their vote for them even with their wallets in ‘shrinking’ mode, they raised the bar for everyone else.   So, what did these companies do right and what do they know about the ‘changed’ state of the consumer that you also need to know to win? That there are at least ten different ways to be relevant to your consumer and none of them will require any financial commitment, just a clear focus on what matters most to the consumer today and in the future.

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