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Strategies And Tactics To Hop On The Green Bus In An Effort To Do The Right Thing And Drive Sales & Profits

Client ANTAD (Mexico)
Date Mar 11, 2011
Access Public


Presentation at ExpoANTAD 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

“Make no mistake about it, once the Western media's fixation on the financial crisis has finished, you will be hearing a lot more again about the numerous opportunities, both short and long term, for brands that participate in the epic quest for a sustainable society.” That is how, one of the world's leading trend firms scanning the globe for emerging consumer trends, describes the green phenomenon. But then, it continues by saying: “However, we can’t point out often enough that hundreds and hundreds of millions of consumers, from the poor to the somewhat rich to the truly rich, don’t really care that much about the environment. Either because they don’t have the luxury of fretting over carbon emissions while trying to survive, or because they are too addicted to living large, from SUVs to McMansions to jetsetting around the globe.” So, how do you reconcile these two seemingly opposite takes on the future of green? It is simple and it is all clearly identified in this presentation. You do it and do it right because it makes business sense, i.e., it saves you money, increases your margins, and buys your Customer’s share of mind and wallet, and, yes, even those - the majority – who are not willing to pay for it. Because, no matter how willing or unwilling they re to support you, Customers still expect you do be green. 


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