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So, You Are Going To Take Over The Business...

Client National Shoe Retailers Association
Date Apr 14, 2013
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Presentation at the 2013 NSRA's Next Gen Leadership Program in Chicago, IL. 

So, you are going to take over the business…You know how it thrived and struggled over the years. But, do you know how it is going to continue to thrive (and struggle) in the future…including when it’s going to be your turn? Most likely, not!   After today, you should! In 1950, Popular Mechanics magazine attempted to predict the future in an article entitled, "Miracles You'll See In The Next Fifty Years." Many predictions were wildly off the mark. Other guesses were much closer to today's reality.   In this presentation we are going to try to take a not-so-far-out look to the future of the retail industry but far enough to be prepared for the things to come…..In essence, we are going to try to understand likely changes and trends for the future. Because the future of retail stores is going to be very different from what it has been so far. Buckle up. It is a fast and fun ride into a future that is already here!

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