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Selling With Passion And Professionalism

Client Eureka
Date Feb 29, 2008
Access Public


Seminar on selling and service skills at Eureka Annual Convention in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

“You don’t sell what you think you do!” You don’t sell vacuum cleaners, hoses, replacement bags, brushes and all the products that you carry in your store. You sell experiences: more time with the kids, a healthier environment, a shinier home, status, recognition….   Learn how to uncover your customer’s real needs and to educate them on how your products will exceed their expectations. Learn to sell complete solutions (everything your customers need to get the perfect clean) and not just products (not just a vacuum cleaner but all the accessories that will save the customer time and deliver them extraordinary results).   Learn that it is not true that customers usually know what they want, that most customers want to be left alone when shopping, that they cannot be persuaded to buy something they said they did not want, that they have a price limit on their shopping needs, that in times of tight money, they buy only what they need. And that it is true that many people buy when they are unhappy, that what customers ask for, is not always what they want, that yesterday’s luxuries are today’s necessities, that shopping can be an emotionally rewarding experience and that spending money makes people happy.


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