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Sales & Service Excellence - When Good Enough Is No Longer An Option

Client ASICS
Date Sep 29, 2009
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A Presentation for ASICS Sales Team in NYC, NY.

These last couple of years have been all about strategies that involved cutting and reducing. As a result, companies with their resources downsized, became known for their ‘good enough’ approach to business.   Unfortunately, while this approach might have worked for these companies’ bottom line, it did not work for the customer. With less money in their pocket yet plenty of options where to spend what they have, guess where they would go? Not at the ‘good enough’ stores but at companies that have realized that this is the time to upgrade their service level. ‘Give more for less’ has become the new imperative where ‘more’ means more attention to the customer’s real needs, more time spent teaching the customer how the product will meet their unique needs and exceed their expectations, more empathy and understanding that with less money available it is not always about lower price products but it is often the opposite, products that last longer, perform better and yes, may cost more today but not over time.   Learn the many ‘more’ ways to coddle your customer during these difficult times and rest assured that they will remember you. 

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