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Retail Selling Ain't Brain Surgery, It's Twice As Hard!

Client Macy's
Date Sep 21, 2006
Access Public


Seminar on retail selling and service for Macy's Managers in New York City (NY).

It might sound like a stretch, but it is not! Why is it so hard? Because ultimately, it requires the ability to understand psychology. Have you ever had this experience where you tried to introduce an idea and it was rejected at first but accepted later? That’s because humans resist change. So, even if that pair of earrings were rejected at first because they were too expensive, it is not unlikely that once you learned more about the customer and knew why that was the right product for them, you could reintroduce it later and make the sale.   Selling is about helping and unless you learn exactly what the customer needs you are not going to be able help them. Learn to understand the consumer’s psychology and use this information to build strong helping relationships with your customers, the kind that gets the word out about what a wonderful place Macy’s is!


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