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Principles Of Superior Selling In A Showroom

Client Crossville Inc.
Date Jun 13, 2016
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Workshop for Crossville Tile & Stone Sales Team in Nashville, TN.

Today’s prospects have a general lack of trust and they simply don’t want to be sold. They are weary of pitches, pushy Sales People and manipulative marketing tactics. They are time constrained and too busy to think. So what do they do with most sales and marketing messages? They just ignore them, become more of a resource to them and a trusted advisor and understand the needs of prospects. Then, you are "69% more likely to make a sale", according to a recent research.   There are at least six steps in the Inside Sales Roadmap that you need to follow in order to become a 'trusted advisor' to your propsect and customer. They are: Step 1. Prospecting and Qualifying - Identifying and Screening for Qualified Potential Customers; Step 2. Approach - Knowing how to meet the Buyer to get the Relationship off to a good start; Step 3. Presentation / Demonstration - Telling the Product ‘Story’ to the Buyer, and showing the Product Benefits; Step 4. Answering Objections - Seeking out, clarifying and Answering Customer Objections to buying; Step 5. Closing - Asking the Customer for the Order; Step 6. Follow-Up -  Following up after the sale to ensure Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Business.   This Workshop will cover all of these steps plus you will be able to complete an Action Plan detailing your actions in each steps that you will start taking immediately for better sales results.

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