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Part 1: Consumers Are Changing, Are You? - Part 2: Delivering On Consumers Expectations

Client L'Oreal
Date Apr 18, 2012
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Coremanco 2-Day Training for Parbel Regional Sales Executives and Regional Education Executives in Miami, FL.

Part 1 Learn what motivates consumers to buy today and in the future and how to deploy strategies and tactics in your store that best match those motivations and expectations. Because if it is true that many consumers have less money in their pockets these days, that does not mean that they have fewer needs, desires or lower expectations when they shop. Quite the opposite! Consumer expectations have been steadily growing over the last 40-50 years influenced but not stopped by slumps along the way.   And the fact that there are so many ways that they can acquire what they want, makes it even more compelling for any retailer to cross all the Ts and dot all the Is of their in-store experience, whether it is service, or technology, or product selection, or price, or product presentation or store look and feel.   All with the ultimate goal to make it easy, fast, convenient, fun and extraordinary for the customer.   Part 2 With so much choice out there, consumers don’t like to feel that they’ve wasted their time, money or effort on anything that is not brilliant or worthwhile. Parbel Regional Sales Executives and Regional Education Executives will learn how to deliver the 'brilliant and worthwhile' by ensuring their retailers create the right store environment and displays, carry the right product at the right price - NOT the lowest! - and in the right assortments, ask the customer the right questions and exceed their many expectations, hire the right team and train, motivate and develop them right, analyze their performance and productivity measures and develop plans to improve their numbers and finally effectively manage their accounts, in particular the 20% that delivers 80% of the profits.  

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