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Module 1: Finding, Interviewing, Hiring and Motivating A Winning Team

Client Stag-Parkway
Date Jan 15, 2013
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Workshop for Stag-Parkway 2013 Professional Retail Organization Training Program in San Antonio, TX.

There is no doubt that your dealership is far more than the RVs in the lot and the merchandise in the store. The success of your dealership is the sum of your vision and leadership and your team’s ability to execute it in the best possible way. The people that work for you are your best advertising and your best chance of thriving this year.   So, if people are so vital to your success today and in the future, how do you make sure that they are the right people? How do you even find the right people to work for you? And how do you train them right and make sure that they are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities each and every day? And, finally how do you retain them?    The answers to these questions will be the subject of this training plus a quite a few more.

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