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Mobile Massive Growth

Client Veterans Canteen Service (US)
Date Feb 28, 2011
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Presentation for the Veterans Canteen Service Chiefs in St. Louis, MO.

Best Ways For Retailers To Capitalize On Consumers’ Rapidly Evolving Love & Use Of Their Mobile Devices.   91% of Americans are mobile phone subscribers. By the end of 2011, 50% or 142 million will be smartphone users (have internet access). The average smartphone in use today has more computing horsepower, memory and storage than all the computer systems on Apollo 11 and NASA’s ground computers in 1969. These and more staggering statistics about the current and projected use of mobile all seem to point in one direction: mobile is the way retailers must interact with their customers today and in the future or risk losing them forever.  There are 3 key areas retailers need to focus on in their mobile strategy: Mobile Marketing, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Operations and for each there are plenty of tips in this presentation how to make them work and even more examples of companies and brands that have already optimized their marketing, commerce and operations to integrate mobile with great success.   Ready for the ride? Ready to learn how the Customer of the future is going to shop or the store of the future is going to look like?


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