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Measuring Sustainability: Presenting The Sustainable Retailing Consortium Scorecard

Client National Retail Federation
Date Jan 13, 2010
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Presentation at the NRF Big Show in New York City, NY.

The first results of the NRF Sustainable Retailing Consortium (SRC) Scorecard are just in and although we are still at the first stages of the new self-assessment tool’s implementation, it is already clear that retailers that are using it are finding the tool highly effective in assessing where they are at on green retailing and what they should focus more on. Under review are each retailer’s commitment to a sustainable program within their company. This includes: senior management buy-in and even the creation of an executive level position to oversee company-wide sustainability efforts. As well, the Scorecard allows retailers to assess their commitment to educating the consumer on green products and green choices; building stores, head-office and distribution facilities that are LEED certified; implementing energy conservation and management programs that incorporate alternate renewable energy sources; implementing recycling and waste reduction programs; enforcing supply chain and logistics guidelines that meet sustainability goals; implementing products and packaging requirements that minimize carbon footprint; and finally implementing accountability and education initiatives that help develop sustainability awareness among customers, employees and stakeholders.

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