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May You Live In Interesting Times

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Date Feb 4, 2009
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Presentation at the Canadian Eye Opener in Toronto on February 4, 2009

A fast-paced look at trends that will inspire you to be smarter and better…downturn or no downturn. How is Canada fairing compared to their neighbors south of the border?   Are consumers’ resiliency (or should we call them ‘bipolar’?), service expectations, relief and new status symbols the same? And which companies understand the needs of this new consumer and know how to meet and even exceed them? Are Starbucks’ new value propositions a viable option? What about the rise of netbooks and a barrage of other smart, cheap, convenient, practical, useful and made-to-last products? Are they the way to go? What other consumers’ needs are shaping the way companies do business with them?

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