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Managing the Health of Your Business: Distribution Best Practices

Client Coverings, Tile, Stone & Flooring
Date May 10, 2018
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Panel Discussion at the 2018 Coverings Tile, Stone & Flooring Conference.

What metrics should a distributor be tracking? What are the key performance indicators (KPIs) to best help you manage your business? Join our panel of leading distributors in this discussion of distribution best practices. From financial to inventory to customer management, how do these relationships affect the overall health of your business? Come share and gain tips for improving quality, service and overall operational efficiency. Learning Objectives: - Understand opportunities in distribution by learning from experienced owners of successful companies - Take real-life examples of successful companies and develop strategies for their own companies - Question and analyze actual strategies to determine what would be best for your own company - Interact with fellow distributors to learn new ways of doing business

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