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Managing Change Through Your People

Client Discovery Clothing
Date Apr 9, 2013
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Presentation for Discovery Clothing Management Team in Chicago, IL.

After a 30,000 foot view of the dramatic changes that are taking place with the consumer today and the challenges and opportunities that advances in technology (mobile and e-commerce shopping) as well as the huge amounts of information (customer data) available to companies are posing, we look at the ways we can manage these changes through our team. Because as Jim Collins in his Good To Great book eloquently put it “If you begin with WHO rather than WHAT, you can more easily adapt to a changing world.”   So, how do you get the “WHO” right? By understanding the imperatives of a manager with clear sets of standards in place and clear communications to their team and then by learning to be a leader, somebody whose whole focus is to ensure their team is aligned to their and their or their company’s strategy. Success in a store, department or a company overall is measured by three things among others: the team gives 100% effort; the team is passionate about achieving the leader and the company’s goals; the team is proactive, self-sufficient, and takes ownership for helping the leader and the company succeed. How does your store, department or company measure against these three? 


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