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Making A Showroom Into A Salesroom

Client Crossville Inc.
Date May 7, 2009
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Presentation for Crossville "Selling Dealers Successfully" event in Nashville, TN.  

Selling tiles is boring. Just like selling books, clothes and any other products that are sold at millions of stores every day. Think, about it. A customer comes in and needs some tiles. He knows exactly what he wants to spend and what he is looking for, at least that’s what he thinks. You give him the tiles he wants and off he goes. Boring? Worse, a recipe for disaster? Anytime, you don’t add any value to a transaction, you risk losing your business to hundreds of competitors out there whose main or highest competitive advantage is price and a reasonable assortment (think Home Depot, Lowe’s…).   So, how do you make selling tiles exciting? How do you make it highly competitive and profitable? Sell solutions to a customer’s unique needs. You are the expert, you know what products in your showroom will best meet the customer’s needs, you should know that what they need is often not what they ask for. They don’t need tiles but something deeper, things like recognition (a beautiful kitchen that earns the praises of family and friends), ease of cleaning, durable, latest/most current look, and many more underlying needs. As well, you know that tiles alone don’t help build a floor. Décor, inserts, sealers, niches, and even a good installer, a cleaning service, a moving company to be part of the package or to recommend….they all have to be part of the solution. Learn what questions to ask, what solutions (NOT just tiles!) to put together, how to educate the customer on their benefits as related to their unique needs and watch your customer portfolio grow as well as the cash in the register!

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