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Leveraging Your Assets to Enter New Businesses

Client National Association of College Stores
Date Apr 9, 2011
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A Presentation for the 2011 Private Stores Conference by the National Association of College Stores in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM.

After a look at the ‘State of the Union’ with its fragile recovery and all the ‘frogs that are starting to cook’ (and no, this is not a French cuisine session!), we delve into the many alternatives that are available to you to turn the boat around without sinking. Starting with the ‘low hanging fruit’ of presenting your fares in more compelling ways, then measuring performance to determine what to focus on, to broadening your reach in creative ways tapping into new forms of marketing and communication.   Then, after all of this is done and in perfect order, consider product extensions that make sense, business opportunities that fit your culture and needs, and even new business formats that might yield new opportunities for growth. Whatever you decide to do, it is the process that counts including clearly understanding internal core competencies and what you can and cannot do and getting help if needed.  


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