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‘Just In Time’ Inventory Strategies For Garden Centers

Client Independent Garden Center Show
Date Aug 22, 2013
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Workshop for the 2013 IGC Know2Grow Retail Conference in Chicago, IL.

Far too many garden centers carry inventory “just in case” when they should be carrying it “just in time.” We need to operate with leaner inventories and, at the same time, avoid losing sales due to inventory that is too lean. It is a delicate balancing act at the best of times, and when you’re dealing with live inventory that can take weeks to restock, it adds another layer of danger. Learn how to properly apply “just in time” tactics to your inventory purchasing. Find out why cheaper by the dozen, or buying larger quantities to get a lower cost, is one of the myths of retail today, and how smaller quantities can be far less expensive than you think. Even factoring in transportation costs, sometimes it’s better to look at non-traditional sources of supply if they can reduce your inventory carrying costs.

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