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It's All In The Assortment Planning

Client Independent Garden Center Show
Date Aug 21, 2013
Access Public


Workshop for the 2013 IGC Know2Grow Retail Conference in Chicago, IL.

Assortment planning is about making sure we have the right mix of not only different plants and accessories, but different sizes, quality levels, colors and price points so we can please the most customers. Learn how to avoid the “square” - sometimes called “bankruptcy” - assortment at your garden center. Find out how to apply a “basic” assortment strategy to items such as potting soil, and a “fashion” assortment to garden decor and accessories. Then learn to build the “tailored” assortment, which will become your biggest moneymaker. You may also want to consider a “good,” “better” and “best” trade-up option for your customers; it could lead to much more profitable sales.


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