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Is Retail Draining You? Time To Renew!

Client Power Symposium
Date Mar 8, 2018
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Do you think you know what your customers really need, want and desire? Is that a great product that will change their life? A great price? Compassionate and professional service? If only it were that simple! Yes, they do need all of these things. In fact, you have been providing them all along. But something is still missing and that is why sales and profits are not what they used to be. Yes, healthcare policy changes, competition and other external factors play a part here. But that’s only half of the story and the solution must be found somewhere else. It is called: inspiration. Inspiration to change, to adapt, to dare to stand out, and to think of different ways of running your business. Because, only businesses that dare to change, to try different approaches and to be unique can thrive today and in the future. With so much choice out there and sometimes less money in their pockets, consumers don’t like to feel that they’ve wasted their time, money or effort on anything that is not brilliant or worthwhile. Learn how to deliver the 'brilliant and worthwhile' by creating the right store environment and displays; carrying the right product at the right price - NOT the lowest! - and in the right assortments; asking the customer the right questions and exceeding their many expectations; hiring the right team and training; motivating and developing them right; analyzing their performance and productivity measures and developing plans to improve their numbers; deploying the right marketing tactics - including social; and finally availing yourself of the right technologies to gain operational efficiencies and deeper customer relationships. Join us for an eye opening and inspiring journey into the new consumer's expectations and how you can exceed them. Leave the session with at least ten resolutions that will help guide you in your quest for customer relevance and better profits.

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