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How To Sell More To The Customers You Already Have

Client Southeastern Healthcare Volunteer Leaders (SHVL)
Date Mar 25, 2014
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Presentation at the 21st Annual SHVL Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN.

"We need to sell more! We need to increase our sales by 5, 10, 15, 20%. If we increase sales by 10% this month we can all make more money and the customer is happier." How often are you saying or hearing this? Retail is about doing better and more every day. But how easy it is to increase sales by even just 5%? Quite easy indeed. All you need is to understand the impact that small changes in your sales approach can make to the bottom line. Whether it is an extra item, or a slightly higher price product, or one more customer you are able to close, or one more customer you are able to engage, or one more objection you are able to answer, or one more question you are able to ask, you will learn that small can be big, really big.

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