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How Technology Is Transforming Retail As We Know It

Client National Bicycle Dealers Association
Date Sep 15, 2015
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Presentation at the 2015 NBDA Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Emerging customer-centric technologies are changing the nature of the retail industry. It is both difficult and complex to evaluate current technology options and track future trends.   To aid in this process, this presentation provides a historical perspective, details emerging technology trends and advances in retail store formats and technologies that businesses should be considering now and in the future.  In this presentation you will learn some of the key existing and emerging trends that are impacting consumers and retail, including the:   Impact of online sales Impact of technology on the shopper’s path to purchase Impact of showrooming and webrooming on retailers Impact on customer engagement of the integration of digital signage, mobile POS and tablets Use of converged platforms and omni-channel marketing to have a singular view of the customer Use of big data to customize the retail experience Impact of objects connection and systems through cloud computing and the internet of things  As well, learn what the store formats of the future will look like and within these formats what interface technologies you will need to deploy to truly be relevant to your customers. 

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