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Hiring Right - How To Select The Right People To Work In Your Store

Client Association of Golf Merchandisers
Date Jan 25, 2012
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Presentation at the 2012 AGM Retail Conference in Orlando, FL.

"We've been held over a barrel for three or four years, and now we're looking forward to finding some great people out there.” This is what  Jason Wordie, a vice-president of Henry Singer Fashion Group said a few months ago when asked about hiring Staff. And this is how Brenda Dumont, a Vancouver-based retail recruitment specialist, also looked at the opportunities out there: “This is the best time to attract the best minds to a fast-moving employment sector that offers many opportunities for advancement. It's an industry where, if you work out, you could be the store manager or president one day. But we as an industry need to do a better job of putting retail on the checklist for graduates to consider. It's at times like these that we all need to play a tighter, better game.”   A ‘tighter, better game’ means adopting a professional approach to hiring. From the moment you develop a complete Job Description and Job Profile for the position that you need to fill, to when you develop interview questions that focus entirely on the competencies that are required for the job, to when you plan for the interview and conduct it step by step, and finally when you compare candidates and select the perfect match for your position, it all must follow a well scripted process to make sure you tap into the ‘best minds’ that are available to you.   This highly interactive and practical workshop not only provides the "how" to interview prospective candidates, but also comes with a complete interview guide with questions and goals to help hiring managers make the right decision.


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