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Harvesting The Low Hanging Green Fruit (mp3 File)

Client National Retail Federation
Date Jan 14, 2009
Access Public


MP3 recording of a Presentation at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2009 Annual Convention in New York City (NY).

Sustainability is not a fad or a marketing gimmick, it does not have to cost more, it should be taken for granted and not bragged about. Ultimately, ethical operations = sustainable operations and sustainability can help you save money. It is the same as the difference between price and cost.   A look at internal opportunities to do the right thing such as, store operations (lighting, HVAC, EMS systems, equipment), merchandising (reputable sources, reduce / reuse / recycle, local, Just In Time), supplies & equipment, advertising & marketing and staff as well as external opportunities like environmentally friendly products and customer involvement / education.


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