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Future Forward: Consumer Trends & Tactics to Capitalize on Them

Client Radiant Systems
Date Feb 25, 2010
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Presentation at the Connect 2010 Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Market, economic, political, demographic, consumer lifestyle trends are all part of this presentation and the purpose of it is to help you understand how things are changing and get ready for those shifts.   Because running a successful business is not about reacting to changes but anticipating them and even shaping them. Learn what consumers are doing now and may be doing next. Find out what are the ten or more trends that are going to change the way we do business with consumers. Learn which companies or brands are already capitalizing on those trends and with what results. And, most importantly, learn how YOU can do it in your day-to-day operations.   This presentation is powerful and a real winner with companies in search of not just inspiration but also concrete solutions to their need for growth.

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