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Follow The Customer - Creating A True Cross Platform For Complete Customer Engagement

Client ProSource Wholesale
Date Jan 6, 2016
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Keynote at the 2016 ProSource Conference in Orlando, FL.

Key takeaways from this presentation explored in detail: 1. Change – the price of irrelevancy is too high (out of business) 2. Stay away from complacency – it is your worst enemy 3. Disruption is a hot word today and an even hotter reality (think of the cab industry) 4. Don’t think pros, customers, you – it is all the same: we are all consumers 5. Technology and digital must become part of your DNA 6. Social is here to stay (social outlets an extension of your site) 7. Millennials and Gen Z want it all and in particular 1 to 5 above and the next 8 to 10 8. Don’t think wholesale, retail, hospitality, etc. – they are all the same blending together 9. Use category convergence to slow your customers (and their customers) down – your ticket to their loyalty and wallet 10. Nobody is a customer – they are all partners and your job is to learn about their ‘pain points’ and address them

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