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Financial Strategies For Retail Success In The Hospital Gift Shop

Client Association For Healthcare Volunteer Rersource Professionals
Date Sep 30, 2010
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Presentation at the Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals 2010 Annual Meeting, Leadership Conference and Trade Show in St. Louis, MO.

'You can change the performance of your shops' and 'Great performance helps the hospital, the patients and the staff." These two statements are at the core of this session where you are encouraged to take a fresher look at your financial strategies and work on a new plan to build value in your Gift Shop that you can implement today and which can immediately impact your business.   Based on the premise that Product is the single most important component of customer service, it is paramount that you examine every aspect of product management, from checking trends and choosing the right products to determining the selling price, maintaining inventory levels, taking markdowns, and managing turns.   This session will talk about productivity measures and teach how to evaluate and maximize your inventory investment. All this will add up to developing ways to increase turnover (sales) and develop pricing strategies to influence profitability. This is a jam-packed financial session you won’t want to miss if GROWING your business, as well as better serving your hospital is your goal.


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