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Consumers In 2012 And Beyond: What Do They Want And Who Is Giving It To Them

Client Stag-Parkway
Date Jan 16, 2012
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Keynote for Stag-Parkway 2012 Driving Success Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Keynote focuses on the changing consumer behaviors, the changing face of retail and how successful businesses are capitalizing on those changes.In this keynote, we take the attendees on a journey into the consumer’s mind to understand what motivates them to buy and why and the businesses that have understood that and are winning their share of wallet. With a psychology background, most of our approach to retail and business best practices starts with a deep understanding of what makes people do what they do and then advise businesses how to capitalize on it. Take 'instant gratification', for instance. A need many people have to get what they want as quickly as possible. A human behavior that understood very well when they launched Amazon Prime a few short years ago. And, of course, this simple understanding of the way many people are ‘wired’ made them billions and made it harder for other businesses to sell to consumers unless they were able to match Amazon’s performance (why would you want to order from anybody else when you can get what you want in two days from Amazon for a small fee?). In this keynote we are also going to talk about consumer's lust for low prices, the thrill of the deal, the limited time allure that puts pressure on us to ACT NOW, and how to help consumers swear off of these and other sale addictions. Of course, we are also going to talk about he next revolution in shopping, made up of the convergence of M-Commerce, Social Networking and Geo Location technology and the still very strong need for businesses to be, as we say, "Thoroughly Reviewed" which remains, good or bad, a critical part of customer expectations today (more and more, we buy based on fellow consumers' experience, not based on what companies tell us). This keynote is going to be a fascinating eye-opener and a powerful look into the mind and heart of the consumer to inspire the attendees to re-think what they do and come up with new tactics that go right into what matters most to their customer. Because shopping is only 5% rational. The rest of it is all emotion – catering to those emotions is what can help them win big.  

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