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Consumers Are Changing, Are You?

Client Campus Stores Canada
Date Jan 31, 2013
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Presentation at the Annual Campus Stores Canada Trade Show and Education Event in Toronto, Canada.  

How are consumers changing? And, most importantly, what changes do YOU need to make to YOUR business strategy and tactics to meet the needs and wants of the new consumer? This presentation will answer these questions. In particular, we will review the changes that are occurring around us whether they are technological, environmental, economic, political or demographic changes because outside changes have an impact on consumers’ values, needs and spending behaviors. We will then talk about the changing consumers’ wants and expectations with a focus on the basics first. Because despite all the efforts to do service right, basic service best practices are still amiss. In fact, 60% of consumers feel that companies have not raised the ‘service bar’ and they still see customer disservice everywhere. We will then continue with the next level up in consumers’ wants and expectations and in particular we will look at the omni-channel consumer, a consumer who wants and expects to have it all. From all access, curated experiences or assortments (DIFM), showrooming, engagement, connection, deals, free shipping, instant gratification, reviews and lots more. 

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