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Consumer Wants And Desires And What You Need To Do To Exceed Them

Client Stag-Parkway
Date Jan 16, 2012
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Seminar for the PRO initiative at Stag-Parkway 2012 Driving Success Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Seminar focuses on consumer changing expectations and provide an overview of the ways Stag-Parkway Dealers can exceed them in their daily store operations and merchandising tactics.   In this seminar, we look more closely at customers’ expectations when they shop.   When the question is asked ‘What do customers want?’ our answer is simply: "Customers WANT IT FAST, NOW, EASY, CHEAP, OR A VERY SPECIAL PRODUCT OR EXPERIENCE." After reviewing each and every ‘want’, we then delve into each area of a retail business that can deliver on those wants.  

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