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Challenges Of The Future - The Rebirth Of Small Independent Retail In America

Client National Bicycle Dealers Association
Date Sep 27, 2007
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Presentation to the National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) in Las Vegas (NV).

More than 95% of all retailers have only one store. Almost 90% have sales less than .5 million and more than 98% have less than 100 employees. Quite a market! And yet, still very much unable to understand the need to play a bigger role.   The fear and the hope of what’s ahead are what independent retailers face every day. Trends like personalization – or what Toffler calls “demassification” – value equation – price, speed, convenience, assortment, service, knowledge – increased competition – coming from everywhere – changing demographics – the aging of America, the growth of the Hispanic population, the increasing importance of Gen Y – community activism – we are seeing push back on large retail developments and the impact they have on quality of life in many communities – health care costs – reaching a crisis stage in America – changing consumer attitudes and behavior.....


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