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Beating a Path to Your Store

Client Trulife
Date Mar 11, 2012
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Presentation at Essentially Women Buying Group 2012 Focus on the Future Conference and Tradeshop in Orlando, FL.

This presentation will be a fast paced session that will provide you with:  A look at, and an understanding of, all the retail competition that is out there (you are competing with everyone, not just women's health product stores, so you have to be better than everyone!) How consumers today are very different from even three years ago and what this means to your relationships with them Specific tactics for increasing current business (sell more of what you have to customers you already have) Profit is not a four letter word - why you need to make money to thrive Five things you need to know to market to consumers Five things you need to know about visual presentation that will help you sell more Five technologies that are changing your business even if you have no idea about them

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