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10 Trends that Will Make or Break Your 2010

Client Association of Golf Merchandisers
Date Jan 27, 2010
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Presentation at the 2010 AGM Retail Conference in Orlando, FL.

Markets are slowly recovering and there are plenty of brands and companies that are not wasting time and are focusing on consumers' latest obsessions and turning them into business opportunities. Instant information, instant buying, connectivity, reviews, social media, digital, interactivity are what consumers are most interested in and what they want shopping to be like. And these are the components of the shopping experience that every smart business leader has turned into a top priority for the years ahead. Because to win in 2010 and the future, retailers and marketers must be able to cater to the ever changing consumer who, in spite of the recession, is less and less about the lowest price product and a lot more about businesses and brands connecting, engaging and interacting with them in novel ways. Learn during this powerful look at the consumer today and tomorrow how to put together an action plan for 2010 and the following years that will put you ahead.  


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