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Retail Study

Retail Study Tour Programs

Improve Store Operations and Productivity,
                                  Maximize Profitability

We work with corporations large and small to build their store best operational practices and increase their profitability. Our programs are entirely customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Ultimately, clients own, operate and can adjust these initiatives, projects and plans to meet ongoing challenges and opportunities.



  • To expose the participants to the latest trends in store layout, design, customer service and merchandise presentation used by retailers that are the leaders in both their industry segment and outside it 
  • To provide them with insights into current and future consumer trends 
  • To challenge them to extract ideas that they can use in their own retail operations that will lead to higher sales by making their stores easier and/or more exciting to shop
  • To develop a critical view of what works and does not work in a retail environment and why
  • (When done for international groups) to give participants a competitive advantage by using concepts that are ahead of the competition in their countries


  • Participants are divided into teams and given an overview of the stores that they will be visiting, including operating results and corporate strategies. They are provided Store Observation Sheets (click here for a copy of the form in PDF format) to guide them in their appraisal of each store 
  • hey look at high street stores, neighborhood stores, mall stores and superstores which gives them a good mix of different formats and customer types. As well, they see a mix of discount, low price, moderate and high price shops 
  • A review is given of each presentation to evaluate completeness and practicality of the suggestions. 

Our Retail Study Tour Program Consulting Services include: 

  • Tour Planning
  • Travel Coordination and Reservations
  • Comprehensive Training Package for each attendee inclusive of details on the city toured, consumers and retail trends overview, statistics, operating results and corporate strategies on key retailers to be visited, evaluation sheets, and more
  • Introduction to the Tour 
  • Debriefing of the Tour and analysis of each participant's presentation of their findings
  • Conducting the Tour

Sample Clients:

  • Bata International
  • Korea Business Development Department
  • Credit Union Association
  • NARTA - Australia