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We specialize in creating and successfully implementing state-of-the-art strategic and practical solutions for corporations' needs in the areas of retail, marketing, technology, and leadership. Using a process of working collaboratively with our clients, we help accelerate individual and organizational change and achieve
sustained performance improvement through strategic
development consulting services,
action-based learning
workshops, and
previews of
the future.

Our consulting portfolio contains over 30 of the Fortune 500 plus hundreds of mid-size corporations and small companies. Our expertise spans the field of retail technology, selling and service, merchandising, operations, marketing and retailer-vendor strategic alliance management.

Our mission is to help corporations compete and excel in today and tomorrow's business environment. We work with them to design, develop and deploy new systems, including the technology, policies, processes and training required.

Jim Dion is an experienced, proven professional with a deep knowledge of his subjects. His thoroughly researched and individually tailored presentations focus on key issues affecting all organizations.

A gifted communicator, it is ultimately his obvious concern for people and his commitment to increasing the individual and organizational success of his clients that make Jim one of the most effective and sought after speakers in North America and internationally.

Jim designs a wide range of keynote addresses, seminars and training workshops to communicate and cascade strategic transformation and tactical change messages into organizations. Additionally, he develops a series of customized interactive workshops that provide highly practical and important skills for successful transformation efforts.

Jimís philosophy is that speeches and workshops have to accomplish 3 goals. They must be:

  • Enlightening. The information provided must be something that is new or different
  • Practical. The information provided has to work back in the real world and not just be theory
  • Entertaining. People learn more when they are enjoying themselves.

Skills training and future trends reviews all aim at the same result: helping people balance the reality or the requirements of today against the unknown of tomorrow. Itís all about change: defining, explaining, understanding and finally doing it!