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Downloads: Tools & Resources

Download Retail Checklists, Forms, Worksheets & Calculations to help you run your retail business more effectively.

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Pre-workshop presentation. A compilation of interesting quotes, business and retail...  go

02/05/2016 Public

Gross Profit Formula

The difference between making money & losing money is in the Gross...  go

04/10/2009 Public

Computer System Needs Analysis Form

Do you know what questions to ask when buying new...  go

03/06/2012 Public

Glossary of Retail Terms

Glossary of standard terms used in retail by companies of...  go

02/17/2009 Public

Maintained Margin Calculation Table

Do you know the impact of Markdowns on your Gross...  go

12/21/2007 Public

Negotiable Terms

As stated in our popular Negotiation Skills Workshop, terms in...  go

04/03/2012 Public

Retail Formulas

A listing and calculation of the most popular retail formulas...  go

02/17/2009 Public

Stress Test

Charles Darwin once said: “It is not the strongest species...  go

01/21/2009 Public

Twelve Month Merchandise Plan Template

12-month Merchandise Plan for 40 categories to help you calculate...  go

11/25/2008 Public
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