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Title & Description Client Date  

On The Rise And Online

Women are earning, spending, and influencing spending at a greater...  go


06/30/2015 Client Only

Can You Think Of 20 Ways You Can Thrive In The Brave New World Of Retail? We Can!

So many things have changed over the last decades and...  go

Lighting One

06/22/2015 Client Only

The On-Demand Economy: Mobile Customers Want it Now - Are You Ready?

Global smartphone use is expected to exceed 2 billion this...  go

Society of American Florists

06/07/2015 Client Only

The Six-Step Roadmap To Building The Perfect Inside Sales Process

Today’s prospects have a general lack of trust and they...  go

Crossville Inc.

05/13/2015 Client Only

New Rules Of Customer Engagement

With so much choice out there, consumers don’t like to...  go

Potomac ABC

04/16/2015 Client Only

Generation Squared – How to Sell to Four Different Generations

In this entertaining and informative session you will learn about...  go


01/21/2015 Client Only

The Best Ways for Retailers to Capitalize on Consumers’ Use of their Mobile Devices

The number of global smartphone users is expected to reach...  go


01/21/2015 Client Only

The New Rules Of Customer Engagement

We start with a 30,000 foot view that looks at...  go

Association of Golf Merchandisers

01/20/2015 Client Only

The Psychology Of Price And Why It Matters

At the end of this presentation, participants will be able...  go

Association of Golf Merchandisers

01/20/2015 Client Only

High Performance Retailing

Technology and consumer trends have created a whole new scene...  go

Pauline Books & Media

01/08/2015 Client Only
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