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Accolades & Applause

"Retail Speaker & Retail Consultant James Dion is a consummate professional who is extremely knowledgeable in the worldwide retail industry."


“Stefania’s firsthand retail experience enables her to develop practical solutions that work in the real-world."

Why Use James Dion, Retail Speaker & Retail Consultant?

  • He draws on a distinguished career in retailing to provide strategic solutions for retailers along with a strong academic background
  • He has access to the best brains and most updated retail strategies from extensive consulting activities as well as insider information from some of the largest corporations in the world
  • He has worked on various projects on different continents, and thus is sensitive to cultural and global issues. He consults in North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and South America
  • He has worked on 'both sides of the desk' and thus fully appreciates the challenges and opportunities companies face
  • He writes, speaks and consults from practical 'hands-on' experience
  • He has a track record of high achievement and steadily increasing success

Stefania Pinton, Retail Consultant

Stefania Pinton is a partner at Dionco. She has over 25 years of international retail industry knowledge and experience having worked for some of the largest retail companies in the world.

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At Dionco we rely on a network of resources for additional support and collaboration.


James Dion, Retail Speaker & Retail Consultant

James Dion (Jim), founder and president of Chicago-based Dionco Inc., is an internationally known Retail Speaker & Trainer, Retail Consultant, and the Author of the best-sellers Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice As Hard, Start and Run a Retail Business and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store.


Jim consults, trains and speaks on consumer trends, retail technology, selling and service, retail merchandising and operations, marketing and leadership.   


With a BS, MS degree in Psychology from Chicago State University and a Ph.D. (abd) in Industrial Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology combined with over 30 years of progressive retail experience working at Sears, Levi Strauss and Gilmore Department Stores, Jim is one of the most sought after Retail Consultants and Retail Speakers in the US and internationally. 


As a Retail Consultant, he has helped hundreds of retailers large and small successfully reposition their retail business, including Ritz-Carlton, Harley-Davidson, Hummer, Poster Plus, The Hat Shack, and Potomac ABC to name a few.  


A PC expert and a Microsoft Developer, Jim has conducted major retail system and POS installs at retailers nationwide. He also studies and evaluates new retail POS, EDI, merchandising systems and relationship marketing software. He has been a judge for the Microsoft© Retail Developer Awards as well as for CIO Magazine Top 100.


As a Retail Speaker, Jim has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches, seminars and workshops for some of the largest companies in the US and internationally. Companies like Microsoft, Maytag, Vestel (Turkey), IBM, Honey-Baked Ham, Williams-Sonoma, ASICS, JDA, Swarovski, Macy’s and others have all benefited from Jim's insights on retail selling, merchandising, technology, and consumer trends. Jim is also a frequent Retail Speaker for leading associations, including the National Retail Federation, the Association of Golf Merchandisers, Narta (Australia), the National Shoe Retailers Association, the National Sporting Goods Association and many others. He is a faculty member in the MBA program at Harley-Davidson University and works with Harley-Davidson dealers around the world.

A writer for hundreds of national and international trade magazines and a regular contributor at www.allexperts.com, Jim is consistently ranked at the top for his insights and practical advice. He has also appeared on NBC, Fox News, First Business and CNN US and Turkey.


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